Rates & Regulations

Together the below links form a comprehensive guide to how Mid-Carolina operates on a daily basis.

The guide includes all the necessary information for members to understand how to apply for service, how service is provided, rate and billing schedules, and other important aspects of doing business with Mid-Carolina.

If you have questions, please contact Member Services at (803) 749-6400.

Service Rules & Regulations

Table of Contents

Service Availability (SRR 100)

Service Connections (SRR 200)

Metering (SRR 300)

Billing (SRR 400)

Miscellaneous (SRR 500)

Contracts (SRR 600)

Revert to Landlord Agreement (SRR 600)

Rate Schedules (SRR 600a)


Outdoor Lighting/Unmetered Service (Schedule B)

Commercial Service (Schedule C)

Residential and Farm Service (Schedule D)

Subdivision Street Lighting Service (Schedule L)

Industrial Service (Schedule M)

Net Metering-Time of Use Retail Sales (Schedule N)

Church and School Service (Schedule O)

Pay As You Go Rider (Schedule P)

Market Renewable Energy Credit Rider (M-REC Rider - Schedule R)

Agricultural Irrigation Time of Use Service (Schedule U - TOU)

Large Power Service (Schedule X)

Monthly Adjustment Factor (Schedule MAF)

Net Metering Rider for Residential and Small Commercial Rates

Services Charges Bills (SRR600B)

Wiring Specs (SRR600C)