On-Bill Financing

Total financing on high-efficiency energy devices, with no interest or finance charges? No problem.

Mid-Carolina offers qualifying members 12-month, 100 percent financing on smart energy devices for your home, whether or not you buy them from us. With no interest and no finance charges, the program includes products like:

  • High-efficiency electric water heaters
  • Water heater control devices
  • Smart thermostats

It’s just one more benefit of being part of the Mid-Carolina family.

On-Bill Financing is easy. Here’s how it works.

  • Call Member Services at (803) 749-6400 to see if you qualify. If so, our representative will issue you an authorization number.
  • You provide that authorization number to a participating contractor who then installs your smart energy device, including any size high-efficiency electric water heater, a water heater control device or smart thermostat. Before the contractor leaves your home, you complete and sign a finance agreement that the contractor then forwards to Mid-Carolina.
  • Mid-Carolina pays your contractor in full and updates your account. The cost of your new device, including installation, is divided by 12 and is billed monthly on your existing Mid-Carolina power bill.

Call Member Services at (803) 749-6400 to see if you qualify, and reap the benefit of new, high-efficiency energy products with no interest and no finance charge. It’s just that simple.