Electric Vehicle Information

The potential of electric vehicles is exciting. More options are available every year and their smart transportation benefits are enticing. Electric vehicles can be less costly to operate, more environmentally friendly and can have performance benefits over their gas- and diesel-powered counterparts.

Charging electric vehicles has tremendous effect on the power grid, though. And home charging can have significant impact on your monthly Mid-Carolina bill.

We’re here to provide our members with the information you need to decide if an electric vehicle is the right choice. That’s why we’ve partnered with ChooseEV to give you the ins and outs of owning electric cars.

Visit mcec.chooseev.com, our Mid-Carolina electric vehicle information website, and learn about the benefits, facts, charging information and more of going electric. Most importantly, you can access a Mid-Carolina rate-specific calculator to estimate the cost of home charging an electric vehicle on your monthly power bill.