Winter On-Peak hours are 6-9 AM daily.


Rate Structure

Mid-Carolina has always put our members first, embracing innovation and delivering value that make your every day better. Our rate structure does just that by placing you in control of your power bill each month. It’s a breakthrough approach to billing — one you won’t find from other electric providers.

Want to save money? Simply avoid excessive energy use during on-peak hours — the most expensive time of each day — and instead tap into some of the lowest energy rates in the country. By limiting use of multiple large appliances at the same time during the on-peak period, you can save money.

Here’s how it works.

Our rate structure has three parts that make up your total power cost. It’s set up that way to give you more control over your power bill. The account charge is set, but you can adjust the energy and on-peak charges by deciding how much power you use and when you use your heaviest energy load. By adjusting your energy use during on-peak hours, you can take advantage of super low-cost energy and reduce your power bill.

Save, then save some more.

To lower your monthly power bill, adjust your heavy electricity use to outside of on-peak hours, reaping the benefit of low-cost energy.

Winter On-Peak Hours

November 1 - March 31
6 - 9 am

Summer On-Peak Hours

April 1 - October 31
4 - 7 pm

Use these money-saving moves to adjust your energy use during on-peak hours. Members who regularly make at least one of these smart power-saving decisions can lower their bill by as much as $35 a month.

minimize using multiple large appliances during on-peak hours
plan drying laundry for before or after on-peak hours
use programmable thermostat to pre-cool or pre-heat home before on-peak hours
use programmable thermostat to pre-cool or pre-heat home before on-peak hours