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Hunting safety around power equipment

Stay Safe During Hunting Season

Mid-Carolina celebrates community traditions and outdoor recreation alongside our members. So, as dove season approaches, we encourage hunters to follow hunting safety and sportsmanship guidelines, especially around power equipment. Your safety is paramount, so never shoot toward a power or fiber optic line.

If you are a hunter, it can be tempting to shoot a dove from a wire. But doing so poses significant safety risks. Bystanders can be hit by a pellet that ricochets off a power or fiber optic line, and damaged conductors can pose safety risks long after the fact; hazards are not always immediate. Beyond safety concerns, damage to power and fiber optic lines are costly and have the potential to cause outages.

So, we urge hunters to think ahead and keep these hunting safety tips in mind this season.

  • Never shoot a bird at less than a 45-degree angle.
  • Avoid becoming so focused on the bird you lose track of where you are shooting.
  • Take notice of posted warning signs and keep clear of electrical equipment.
  • Know where overhead lines and equipment are located on the land where you hunt.
  • Be especially careful in wooded areas, where overhead lines may not be as visible.
  • Do not place deer stands on utility poles or climb poles. Energized lines and equipment can conduct electricity to anyone who comes in contact with them, causing shock or electrocution.
  • Do not place decoys on overhead lines or other utility equipment. Any nonelectrical equipment attached to a pole can pose an obstruction and serious hazards to our line crews.

Help Us Prevent Electrical Equipment Damage

Protecting our power and fiber optic lines not only keeps you safe but avoids unplanned outages and expensive repairs. It’s just one more way we keep costs down for members. But if damage occurs, the responsible party can be held liable for repair costs. Help us avoid damage from things like a stray shot or cutting a tree onto a power or fiber optic line. We all benefit when we put safety first.

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