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Capital Credits: One more way we’re always in your corner.

As a cooperative, our members are the reason we exist. So, you’re the first to benefit when there’s excess revenue. Unlike investor-owned utilities, Mid-Carolina operates on just enough to run the business. Instead of earning a profit for stockholders, we return any surplus to members in the form of capital credits.

Some years those credits are held in reserve for a period of time and used to better serve you on things like system improvements and infrastructure development. Other years, we're thrilled to give money back to you in the spring in the form of a capital credit refund.

“Revenue sharing via capital credits is one of the major hallmarks of a not-for-profit, cooperative utility,” said Troy Simpson, Mid-Carolina’s vice president of member services. “It’s one of the unique ways we reward our members. In fact, on average we return $3 million to members during refund years.”

Think you may have unclaimed capital credits?

Mid-Carolina holds capital credits for members who have not claimed them, due to events like a change of address or move or a change in account status. If we’re holding any capital credits on your behalf, we’d love to settle up. Check out the most updated list of unclaimed credits. If you see your name, submit a claim form, and your credits will be processed. For more information, contact Member Services at (803) 749-6400.

For more detailed information about capital credits, click here.